Other Pro Audio Equipment

There is a variety of pro-audio equipment that aids in producing a better sound from your instrument and even your home studio. Some basic enhancements will help to suit a specific part of your home suited for rehearsals and even recordings. Soundproofing is one enhancement. Here, you seal the room and prevent outside noises from entering and messing with your sound, and you avoid disturbing your neighbors. Acoustic treatment is another enhancement. Here, you control and fine-tune the amount and kind of sound frequencies that travel inside your home studio. Acoustic panels are available online. These help you manage sound as it bounces within the home studio. You can get foam tiles or fabric-wrapped sound absorbing tiles. Mountable panels can be cotton, fibreglass, polyester and more. You have lots of options. Fit your room with bass traps to absorb those low frequencies. Install acoustic foam wedges that highly absorb those mid and high frequencies. Lastly, have diffusers that will catch those remaining frequencies that scatter around the room. Use these and you’ll have a good-sounding home studio that brings the best out of your instruments.

Condenser Microphones

For pro-audio microphones, you may use condenser microphones. These are common in studios. They have greater frequency response and a louder output. Prices vary. Buy what you can afford that has specifications you desire. Check product for good quality sound since buying cheaply may sacrifice sound quality. One product you may consider is the large diaphragm condenser microphone, Audio-Technica AT2035. It provides a natural sound and ensures low background noises.

Home Studio Headphones

It also helps to have good quality pro-audio headphones use in your home studio. Some find using open-back headphones better since you can hear yourself naturally. Vocalists will also do better with open-back headphones. Closed-back headphones are better if you want to isolate sound for your particular instrument or if you will be doing some sound mixing. Sennheiser Studio Headphones and Behringer HPS3000 are some brands you can check out. Yamaha and Sony also have some options.