RC Model Vehicles and Kits

Whether you're a hobbyist or just enjoy building models for your kids to play with, RC model vehicles and kits can maximise your pleasure. Kits make the building process easier by giving you the parts you need to complete your vehicle, and there are endless types available that range from RC cars to RC airplanes. You can also choose RC model kits based on many factors, including size and brand.


Choosing the right RC model can be overwhelming, with many options available. Start with a reputable brand, such as Air Hogs, which creates fun kits that include Star Wars vehicles, drones and stunt rockets, or opt for sleek sports cars or road racers from Tamiya. Other brands to consider include JJRC, Syma, Rastar and E-Flite.


One factor to consider when selecting RC model kits is how you'll get your vehicle going. There are several different fuel types available, including electric, gasoline and nitro and glow fuel. Obviously, electric cars are battery-powered, with no gas to worry about. Gasoline-powered cars are mostly limited to oversized RC models and are not as common, as they require actual gasoline to run. Nitro cars are a popular option and run on methanol fuel that creates a faster engine, though it really comes down to hobbyists' personal preferences.


A model's scale refers to its size. Model and hobby cars are measured by their relation to the actual object they represent. For instance, a model vehicle that is 1:8 scale is one-eighth the size of the real vehicle; in essence, the larger the number, the smaller the object, as a vehicle that's 1:64 will be smaller than one that is 1:4. There are many model scales to select from depending on how large you want your RC model to be. Most RC models come in 1:10 scale, but scale goes all the way up to 1:2000.

Hobby vs. Toy Grade

You may notice some RC cars and vehicles referred to as hobby grade, while others are considered toy grade. Since toy grade models are aimed towards children, they utilise less expensive materials. Hobby grade models are usually made with high-end materials and may perform better than toy grade models do. Hobby grade models also generally last longer, may boast more high-tech features and offer replacement parts in the event of breakage. They are also costlier than their toy grade counterparts.