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Got one to sell?

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Radio Antennas

Radios have troubles with background noise and range all the time and in many cases it's due to the antenna. Purchasing other radio antennas can help you increase your range and get the most out of a device Antennas are usually plug and play, so it's far easier and cheaper to install a new antenna than change a whole radio.

Shop by Band

When you are looking for other radio antennas to swap the original, be mindful of the broadcasting band. Specify the band as UHF, VHF, FM or AM and finding the right replacement model will become a lot easier. Swapping an existent AM radio antenna with an FM radio antenna might work but it will not work at its full potential. AM radio antennas can also be active or passive, so even if you are making an AM with AM switch, make sure you get the right one.

CB Radios

CB radios also operate in a separate band as both transmitting and receiving units. A large difference from the commercial radio broadcasts is that your signal depends on your CB antenna, the CB antenna of the other device you are in communication with, as well as the distance in between. When it comes to CB antennas you should choose the largest one that your receiver can support and make sure it's pointed in the right direction.

Multi-band Antennas

Radios that receive signals on several bands should use a dual-band or multi-band antenna. You can usually find receiver specifications on the back of the radio, so gather all information you can find before searching for a replacement,

Different Features

The other radio antenna you consider as a replacement can have different features than the original. If your original car radio antenna was a stick-on model, that does not mean that the new one can't be mountable. Some replacement radio antennas are made with a purposely retro appearance and some possess an entirely modern design. Additionally, radios with interior antennas might have a connector for an exterior antenna as well. You can even opt for convenience in some cases, choosing a flexible antenna if your original rigid one keeps getting damaged.

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