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Drift off with other sleeping aids

There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to drift off into a long and satisfying sleep after a long day at work. Other sleeping aids step in when you've had enough and need to act quickly to alleviate your problem. From easy to consume sleeping pills to full face masks and anti snoring nasal dilators, many of the over the counter sleep aids are available on eBay.

Nasal decongestants

If you consistently get a blocked up nasal passage when you sleep, a little nasal decongestant can clear up your system without being obtrusive. The Rhinomed Mute is a discreet device that fits snuggly inside the nose. A pack contains 3 devices, which can be used 10 times each. It uses respiratory technology to increase airflow which may lead to improved sleep and a reduction in snoring. This kind of device is great to try if you don't want to invest in a bulky mask associated with sleep apnea.

Anti snoring spray

When you and your partner are being plagued by sleeplessness because one or both of you snore intermittently, maybe it's time to invest in some anti-snore spray. This is a quick and easy fix that'll improve those after dark hours with very little side effects. Puranox anti snoring spray comes in a 45ml bottle with built-in application lever. The 100 percent natural formula reduces the vibrations at the back of the throat by lubricating and tightening the affected tissues. It is a direct and quick activating solution that is safe to use regularly.

Sleeping pills

Some sleeping aids are bulky and a bit intimidating which is why a sleeping pill form is an inexpensive and unencumbered alternative. Kirkland signature night time sleep aid comes in a neat little bottle of 96 tablets with a dosage of 25g Doxylamine Succinate per tablet. The active ingredient is suitable for sleep problems such as a blocked or runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes, coughs and cold symptoms.

From light snoring to blocked noses and sleep disorders, find a plethora of over the counter sleep medications on eBay.

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