Other Spinning Supplies

Other Spinning Supplies

Spinning is a craft that dates back several hundreds of years ago, but many people still enjoy the labour of it and can appreciate the time and craftsmanship it takes to create usable wool. There are several tools and supplies that are necessary when spinning your own wool. Additionally, if spinning is not for you, there are many other crafting options and tools that you can own to create felt for various wool projects.

What Are Some Other Spinning Tools?

  • Spinning Wheel. To create the yarn from the cleaned wool, you need a spinning wheel for this process. These are larger pieces of equipment that are usually powered by pumping your foot on a brake to create momentum for the wheel. The wool goes around the wheel and is spun into whatever weighted yarn you desire.
  • Flyers, Bobbins and Whorls. These pieces are found on the wheel as well as what the wool and yarn spin onto.
  • Hand Spindles. For smaller spinning projects, hand spindles are a great option as they dont take up much space but can easily spin wool by twirling the spindle by hand.
  • Carder. Key for creating wool batting for blending, spinning or felting, carders are an important tool to have in your wool production arsenal.
  • Blending Board. These help to blend different fibres and colours together to create beautiful assortments of wool.

What Are Some Spinning Craft Supplies?

  • Felting needles. These needles help create whatever project you intend by pinning down the felt into various colour patterns and shapes. A needle felting tool can come in different sizes, depending on what you need for the project.
  • Felting kits. For those that want a one stop shop, felting kits provide everything that you would need for a project. Some kits are for specific projects, while others give you general direction for a few different ones. These kits provide everything from the wool to the needles.
  • Roving.Roving is the fluffy wool that you create once you have combed and cleaned the wool. This can work for many different types of projects. Woollen tops are very similar to roving.
  • Fibres. There are many different fibres that one can spin aside from wool. Plant fibres, while tedious, are a nice choice. Additionally, there are other animal fibres that you can spin as well to create roving or yarn.