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Other String Instruments

Learn to play a unique musical instrument by choosing one a unique string instruments that you might not be aware of at first. While a guitar is the traditional item many people think of, you might be surprised at what other musical instruments exist with strings. Select based on which one sounds the most interesting as well as your skill level. You may even just want to purchase them as a collectors item.

Types of Instruments

Look beyond the guitar and violin for other types of musical instruments with strings. There is the viola, cello, mandolin and even a harp guitar to choose from. The ektara looks similar to a banjo, but it has a different sound and comes from India. The tanpura is a four-stringed instrument with its own special sound as well. The dotara only has two strings and is a wooden instrument while the sarangi comes with a bow much like the violin.

Skill Level

When choosing a string instrument, you should consider your skill level. A beginner will want to choose an instrument that is easy to learn and play. However, if you are advanced, you may be ready to tackle a more complicated instrument.


The age of the instrument will be important to you if you are a collector. You can find antique instruments that are primarily for collection and putting on display primarily because of their delicate condition. When selecting other vintage string instruments, you will want to determine their age and authenticity.

Parts and Accessories

You may be interested in purchasing other string instrument parts and accessories such as new strings or a case. You'll want to make sure whatever accessories or parts you need are an accurate fit for the instrument you have.