Swimming Equipment and Accessories

Whether you’re learning to swim, swim as a sport or simply enjoy swimming in a pool, there are a few basic accessories you need beyond just a bathing suit. Some are for play or enjoyment but others are actually needed for many beginning swimmers, especially children. Whether you need goggles, ear plugs, or need a wetsuit for diving or swimming in deeper waters, there are many items available to keep your swimming supply shelf fully stocked.

Swim Fins

Swim fins are used for a majority of reasons, the main one being that they add resistance as you swim. For beginning swimmers, this is very important, as learning to swim with resistance can aid you in rougher waters, such as the ocean. Swim fins can be used nearly anywhere - in a pool for training, or in a lake or ocean to mimic rougher water. There are also play swim fins available for hands and fingers.

Wetsuits and Vests

If you participate in triathlon or need a wetsuit to dive into deeper waters, there are many different types available to suit different needs. Look for wetsuits made for spefifically men, women or youth to fit specific body sizes. Wetsuits also have different types of cuts depending on the water type. For children, swimming vests are a necessity whether they’re in the pool or in the ocean. Vests and puddle jumpers can help them learn to swim or can provide safety for children who don’t know how to swim.

Earplugs and Goggles

It’s very common to either have very sensitive eyes in water, or to get swimmer’s ear from getting water in the ear. For these two concerns, there are swim goggles and swimming ear plugs made just for swimming. Different than ear plugs that simply block sound, swimming ear plugs help keep water out of the ear. Similarly, water goggles help keep water out of your eyes so you can see clearly underwater. For those who want to keep their hair dry during training, swim caps are also a needed accessory.

Swim Boards

Swim or kick boards are also very helpful for those first learning how to swim. To use a board, you typically hold it steady with your arms, and you kick to move yourself throughout the pool. This makes you rely chiefly on your legs to get strokes accomplished. Boards can also be used as floatation devices for emergencies or simply to use for relaxing and floating.