Other Table Tennis

Really, all you need to play a very informal game of table tennis is a table, two bats and a ball. In addition to those items, there are some other things you could consider purchasing to make things easier. If you are trying to get more serious about the game, if you want to practise for a team or if you're just looking for items to make things easier, look through the other table tennis items to see what catches your fancy.

Table Covers

The first decision you need to make about your table tennis table is if it will live outside most, or all, of the year, or if it will be an indoor table. If you choose an outdoor table, you may want to make sure it has a cover to protect it from the elements. If you have an outdoor table already, and you do not have much space inside, you could also look at an indoor table cover to convert a dining or other table into a table tennis table.


There are a large variety of table tennis nets on the market. If you are playing for fun at home, you can simply choose one that is long enough and is easy to fasten to the table on which you are playing. This way, you don't necessarily need a proper table tennis table, you can simply play on any table that you have available.


Up until 2014, official table tennis balls were made of celluloid. There was a change to plastic, but if you are playing at home and prefer the old style, you can still find celluloid. As for the type of ball, you can find novelty balls, practice balls and 1-, 2- and 3-star balls. Novelty balls vary in colour, quality and softness or hardness. Practice balls are softer as well. The 3-star balls are the highest quality and are used in professional table tennis.


Most table tennis accessories are directly related to playing the sport. If you play long enough, you may need to change the rubber on your bats. Find replacement rubber and adhesive online. Also, you can buy tape to protect the edges of your bat. Finally, if you don't always have a partner to play with, you may want to practise with a table tennis robot. These machines work like tennis ball launchers in that they shoot balls for you to work on your returns.