Other Tablet & eBook Accessories

The sweet spot that tablets and eBook readers hit is hard to beat, as they offer the portability of a smartphone but with a much more comfortable viewing experience. To further enhance your experience with your tablet or e-reader, a number of accessories can help to complement or maintain your device, all while enhancing features it already has, or adding new ones to make its use more convenient.

Complementary Accessories

Protect your tablet or Kindle with a case that shields it from the elements and also from accidents, and top it up with a screen protector for additional coverage. Consider getting a portable charging station to charge your device anywhere, opt for a powerbank for on-the-go juice no matter where you are. These are but some of the add-ons that will enhance your usage comfort.

Maintenance Accessories

Maintaining your device will increase performance and longevity of the device, so invest in a soft microfiber cloth to wipe down the surface from time to time, and only purchase good quality batteries if you are planning to replace the one in your device. Some broken parts on your tablet or e-reader can be fixed by ordering replacement parts and engaging in some DIY action at home; however, be sure that your device is no longer under warranty if you are choosing to attempt this.

Choosing Accessories for Tablets and e-Readers

Buy specific accessories where possible; for example, iPad accessories can differ between the different models, and can be very different by those used by Android tablets. Try looking up the exact brand and model of the tablet/e-reader when searching for accessories, as this will yield the best matches. Otherwise, keep the measurements of your device on hand for reference when purchasing generic accessories. Depending on your model, it may not have common dimensions, and this can create difficulty in finding matching pieces.