Television Accessories

With the advent of home theatre systems and the growing popularity of set top boxes and gaming consoles, most TV’s these days are hooked up to an abundance of accessories. If your current setup isn’t working, or if you are just looking to improve your TV viewing experience, then purchasing a few television accessories may be all that you need.


Adaptors are invaluable if you are still running a analog TV but want to get digital channels. Wireless adaptors can also make it possible to hook up your home theatre system or blu-ray player without the need for extensive cabling.


One of the most common cables you’ll need for your television is a HDMI cable which can be used to connect your laptop, hard drive or gaming console directly to the display. These come in a range of lengths so make sure that the cable can reach from the TV to the device.

Remote Controls

There are remote controls for absolutely everything now, which is great...unless you break one or end up with 10 of them! Replacement remotes are an option, but another solution is to upgrade to a Universal Remote which is capable of syncing with all of your devices.


If you have access to Foxtel or a similar cable setup and you want to watch it on more than 1 television set, then you will need a splitter. Make sure you get one that matches your cable setup has the necessary number of “splits” to suit your needs.