Other Television Memorabilia

Popular TV shows invade the realms of pop culture with figurines, television clippings and other television memorabilia. For fans of entertainment, collecting TV memorabilia is a fun way to enjoy fandom and pay tribute to beloved characters and shows. TV memorabilia comes in many forms, from personalised autographs of celebrities to action figures or even housewares.


Manufacturers create collectibles with fans in mind. From fun finds like "The Walking Dead" dog tags to prop replicas, collectibles offer excitement for all ages. Available at all price points, some rare collectibles may take you months to come across, while others are widely available. Fans of long-running shows like "Dr. Who" and "Supernatural" enjoy stocking up on everything from Tardis replicas to trading cards. Once items go out of print, they go up in value and become harder to find, adding to the thrill and collectibility.


Fans of shows have their favourite actors, and there are few things cooler than having television autographs signed by the stars of your favourite shows. Look for autographed photos, headshots or posters signed by the actors from "Neighbours," "The Big Bang Theory" or "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and add these one-of-a-kind items to your memorabilia collection. To ensure the signature is authentic, look for pieces that come with a certificate of authentication so you know it's the real thing. From autographed trading cards to scripts, signed pieces are not only rare but have value far beyond the actual item's worth.


There's a big market for toys, especially when they represent some of television's most popular, beloved and appealing shows. Some of the most popular types of toys for TV fans to collect include plush representations of characters, action figures, FUNKO pop figurines and talking toys. Collecting toys isn't just for kids; adults too enjoy owning limited edition figures, badges or bobble heads. Most toys are affordable unless they're signed or vintage pieces, so it's affordable to enjoy collecting a wide variety of toy types. Exclusive toys from Comic-Con or variant pieces can cost a bit more, but anything hard to find increases the value of your collection.


One of the most fun ways to support your show is to purchase housewares you can use that depict favourite shows, characters, or memorable moments from specific episodes. These items range from mugs and tumblers featuring a show's logo to fuzzy throw blankets and towels. There is no shortage of pop culture housewares, and though you may want to display some, such as shot glasses, it's fun to use other items on a regular basis, like letter openers shaped like Ned Stark's sword, talking Dalek coin banks or wall clocks featuring the characters from "Stranger Things." Tea pots, dishes, pencils and pens are cool to collect and remind you of the best parts of your favourite programmes.