Other Test, Measurement & Inspection

Other Test Measurement and Inspection Equipment

The first step in any form of troubleshooting is finding out what exactly is going on. After all, you cannot fix something if you do not know that it isnt working. Test, measurement, and inspection equipment help you make sure that all your electrical components are functioning within parameters.

Underrated Equipment

When it comes to electrical measurements, probably the most underrated pieces of testing equipment you can have are alligator clips. No matter what kind of analyser you have, the chances are that you will be using alligator clips to attach the leads to the equipment youre testing. You can also use them to bridge components, or for any other job that requires creating a temporary electrical circuit.

Temperature Controllers

An awful lot of jobs require accurate temperature control. Temperature controllers help you keep the temperature of everything from a refrigerator to a home fermentation vat within a specified range. While the most common household controller is a thermostat, temperature controllers are very useful for everyone from home brewers to refrigeration technicians.

Power Points

Never underestimate the importance of safe power. A good power point tester can tell you a lot about your home wiring. You can determine whether its grounded, whether you have the neutral connected, and even whether someone may have reversed the neutral and active wires. It may not make a big difference on a lightly loaded power point, but it can be a massive safety issue on a heavily loaded one.

Digital Testers

While many people may remember using analogue metres, digital testers have become far more common these days. The big advantage of a digital tester is that its much easier to read. The display adjusts for what youre measuring, so you get the information you want clearly spelled out. It also helps that the numbers are usually larger than on an analogue multimetre.