Other Test Meters & Detectors

Anyone who has a job in construction or electronics, or who works as an electrician is likely to need a digital multimeter in their toolkit. An electronic measuring tool, a digital multimeter measures a combination of electrical qualities, and includes an ammeter, voltmeter and ohmmeter. Using the digital multimeter, you can measure voltage, current and resistance, as well as frequency, temperature, capacitance and temperature. As a vital tool for circuit testing, it helps users identify live wires and measure battery levels, all in a handy pocket size!

Home Use

Digital multimeters for personal use are generally inexpensive, and typically feature a portable and compact design with an LCD display that allows for ease of use. These cheaper models can be perfect for home use or in the workshop, with options that are handheld, as well as those that feature a stand for bench top work. More expensive models often offer more in the way of features, and can be slightly sturdier for everyday use over a longer period of time.

Industrial Use

When it comes to industrial use, it generally pays to spend more money on equipment that is more durable. These industrial test meters and digital multimeters tend to be more expensive, but they typically feature a tougher design than personal equipment for at-home use, and may offer a greater range of features that a professional is more likely to use.

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