Other Tobacciana


Tobacciana is the term that refers to collectibles or antiques associated with cigarettes and cigars. There is a large following that enjoys collecting various paraphernalia and smoking accessories for either cigars or cigarettes. Tobacciana highlights a time when smoking was celebrated and even viewed as healthy. It was a time when movies and ads romanticised it. Signs or larger advertisement are highly collectible and yield a high dollar amount. There are several collectibles that may be highly sought after surrounding this era, however like with any antique, condition plays a major part in how much an item is worth. Additionally, if the item is rare, demand will drive the price up.

Cigarettes and Accessories

While not as popular as cigars, cigarettes certainly had their heyday decades ago. With brands like Lucky Strike, Camel, and Viceroy, there is plenty of memorabilia to collect. Any smoking accessory like ashtrays, lighters, match boxes, cigarette holders, and rolling machines are collectible to people looking to round out their collection. Ashtrays were almost like a piece of art when smoking was popular. Whether they were made out of glass, ceramics or metal, the older these pieces are the more they’re worth. Other valuable cigarette collectibles include buttons, silk textiles, trading cards, and cases. Additionally, any cigarette advertising is a popular and valuable item to collect.

Cigars and Accessories

Cigar collectibles can fetch a pretty penny depending upon the subject matter and item. Signs and advertisements are highly collectible as people like to put them in their homes for decoration. Cigar tins can also cost several hundreds of dollars. Back in the day, coin-op vending machines were a form of gambling and would dish out cigars as prizes, which can earn top dollar. Additionally, ornate bar top lighters are extremely rare and expensive. Even a salesmans sample catalogue with photos of the cigars and labels can fetch a high value. Other collectibles include, cases and humidors, cutters, tubes, ribbon textiles and quilts, and lighters.