Other Vehicle Electronics and GPS

If you spend a lot of time in the car, it is nice to have some extra comforts that can make your driving time more relaxing, enjoyable and a little easier. Driving doesn’t have to be boring or unsafe and there are many electronic devices and car electronics and accessories which you can put in your car to give you happiness and peace of mind on long journeys which you would rather not be taking.

Car Stereo

Who doesn’t love singing in the car? When no one is in the car with you, there is nothing better than belting out some notes and singing along to your favourite song on the radio. Make sure to have a great car stereo system installed so you can also listen to CDs, MP3s or hook up your phone via Bluetooth.


Having a Car navigation GPS system makes driving a breeze and can get you from point A to point B faster without having to look at maps or navigate through heavy areas of traffic. Most GPS systems provide a traffic assistant that can use real time data to find the best route for your journey. As long as your car GPS has battery, you will never have to get lost again. Some GPS trackers also pair with your smartphone to keep you up to date on messages and calls that you may receive while you are driving.

DVD Screen

The latest DVD screens are super handy to have in the car as they can combine your smartphone and car stereo features all into one device. You can enjoy all your favourite music and connect your phone with Bluetooth so that you can have hands-free calling, which is important due to the laws around using phones in cars.

Car Battery Tester

Worried that you are going to be stuck with a dead battery out in the middle of nowhere? With a car battery tester you can easily check your battery life and make sure that you are good to go.