Other Vintage Fishing Equipment

Add a new angle to your collection with vintage fishing equipment

Like any hobby, there are many aspects of fishing. It isn't all about buying new products to hit the sea and fish, and there are a lot of fishing fans who also have an interest in vintage fishing equipment. Whether you're looking for vintage fishing floats or you're more interested in vintage fishing lures, there is plenty to choose from on eBay.

Fishing as a trade

Fishing is nothing new. The practice stretches back thousands upon thousands of years ago. It's a prehistoric practice, despite that – it took until the 16th century travelling for fishing boats to come around. At least, in the sense of vessels built to trawl the oceans to find different types of fish. Of course, before that, there were small boats in use. It's thought that the first boat was built some 8,000 years ago so you can imagine it didn't take long for the two to be put together on a small scale.

While there are different methods to catch, the modern fishing hobbyists are more interested in angling, perhaps spearing.

Fishing as a hobby

When fishing became a hobby is a little more difficult to pin down. However, it was mentioned in print in the 15th century. So, if you love fishing, then you're in great company! Now, these vintage lures, reels and gear might not stretch back to the 15th century, but there are still plenty of incredible vintage goodies to trawl. Check out stunning vintage photos of big catches, as well as pins, badges, bags, baskets, and even books on the best flies.

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There is plenty more to see when you shop vintage fishing equipment on eBay. Drop your line and see what you can catch today.