Other Welding Equipment

Other Welding Equipment

For some people, welding is a profession but for others it is a hobby, an interest, or a way to create art. No matter what your reason for welding is, there are many different pieces of equipment necessary to weld safely and effectively. This includes safety equipment such as gloves and helmets as well as components of the welding rig itself.

Welding Helmets

Welding helmets are one of the most important pieces of safety equipment when welding. These helmets are designed to protect you form the heat of the welding torch and they also feature tinted glass in the visor which protects your eyes from damaged caused by the torchs bright light.

Welding Gloves

Welding gloves are another very important item of safety equipment. These gloves are thick, highly insulated, and are designed to protect your hands against burns from the metal you are welding or the welding rig itself. Many welding gloves are flame resistant which means they are unlikely to catch fire even when they are exposed to extremely high temperatures. You can find these gloves in neutral colours as well as in shades of bright yellow or orange.

Welding Gas Regulators, Valves and Accessories

Welding gas regulators, valves and accessories are extremely important for ensuring that your welding torch operates safely and correctly. Gas regulators and valves allow you to control how much gas is being released, thus giving you control over the size of the flame. Most of these regulators and valves feature a large built-in gauge that allows you to see the gas flow rate.

Welding Rods and Wires

Welding rods and wires are extra pieces of metal that can be used to join two pieces of metal together. You can use them to reinforce edges and seals so that your weld can hold water without leaking. These rods and wires can also be used to simply strengthen existing welds or help connect pieces of metal at specific, precise angles.