Woodworking essential equipment

Whether you’re working on a project at home, in the back shed, or in the workshop, we have a broad and diverse selection of miscellaneous bits and bobs that may just get your project from woah to go. Get started on your next woodworking masterpiece today.

For the hobbyist

There are a few essential pieces of equipment that you will need in order to begin your woodworking hobby at home. Whether you are starting your own business, using it for work or as a hobby in the back shed, it’s never too late to get the ball rolling on your new hobby.

A circular saw is great for dimensioning, especially for long rip cuts. A table saw is even better for woodworking as it enables you to complete joining work. Hand saws can be used for cross cutting and straightening edges as well as cutting boards down to their final width. Jigsaws help to cut curves in the wood, while a coping saw is great for more detailed work.

More universal items such as chisels, mallets, hammers and screwdrivers are of course a necessity.

A furniture-making workbench can make everything so much easier for you in the long run. It gives you a space to work and should include clamps to hold pieces in place as you work. Also don’t forget tape measures, and square measures – great to make sure that you’ve measured everything correctly.

Pair with woodworking equipment

In the final stages of your woodwork project? Consider a woodwork sander to smooth surfaces. Sandpaper most commonly is formed from aluminium oxide in 40, 80 or 120 grit sizes. Use a coarser grit to get the job done faster, while you can opt for a finer paper to add a smoother touch to your piece.

With everything from hand saws to circular saws, and table saws to jig saws, choose from our extensive range of woodworking saws to get a quicker and cleaner cut.