Other Woodworking Supplies

High-powered industrial woodworking tools

For carpenters and tradespeople who are looking to replace or upgrade their woodworking equipment, there is a wide selection of effective tools for the job. Industrial woodworking tools and equipment are used for a variety of projects however big or small. Youll find a range of new and used tools and equipment from top brands at affordable prices. There are also individual tools and hardware plus a variety of woodworking toolkits to get you started.

Industrial, machine-powered tools will make short work of all your woodworking jobs, saving you the arduous task of doing it by hand. There is a range of high power tools to benefit every construction job, from industrial saws to sanders and lathes.

Woodworking tools and equipment

It is important to choose tools and woodworking equipment that provide precision and accuracy for each job. There is a large selection of woodworking tools made of hard-wearing materials for long-lasting use. Youll find affordable tools such as saw guides, jig drills and routers plus lots of other handy equipment. There is also a range of digital equipment such as moisture meters which help to detect moisture content in any materials you are working with.

Woodworking essentials

There is a wide selection of components, attachments and hardware items to accompany the range of woodworking tools. If youre looking to stock up on screws or dowels, youll find bulk packs of fixings available. Youll also find items such as replacement drill bits, wood joiner biscuits, gouge grinder attachments and dovetail templates plus many other woodworking essentials to complete the job.

Woodworking kits

If youre looking for a comprehensive set of woodworking tools, there is a variety of items that offer complete kits suitable for a range of projects. These kits provide a number of pieces which is perfect if you are starting out in carpentry or looking to add to your existing tool collection. Popular woodworking kits include metal boxes with various attachments such as router bits, shanks and blades. Other kits include drill bit kits, jig kits and joinery toolsets.