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Want to increase the privacy in your backyard oasis while making it look stylish and chic? A garden screen could be just what you need. These easily installed screens are a garden favourite, giving people the look they want and the privacy they need instantly.

When youre looking for a garden screen for your backyard, consider what you would like to use it for. Some screens are made to hang on walls to disguise ugly bricks or damaged exteriors of homes. While other screens are designed to be used as garden privacy screens or to section off areas of your yard in a stylish way.

The right size

There is nothing worse than buying something, getting it home and realising it doesnt fit. Before you start looking for garden screens make sure you measure the area you would like to cover and take into account the thickness of the screen.

Weather resistant

As your screens will be a feature of your garden, you must make sure they are made of a material that is tough enough to withstand Australian weather. Aluminium or timber are both strong, durable and these materials wont corrode, rust, warp or swell. Before you buy check with the seller to make sure that the screens are 100% waterproof and UV resistant. Some screens also come with a warranty which can ensure the screen will have a long and lasting life.


Many decorative garden screens sold on eBay are delivered ready to mount. These can be hung, screwed, glued or framed. If you are buying garden privacy screens they may have to be connected to a fence panel. You should check with the seller to find out what fixings are available and compatible.

Most screens are lightweight and easy to install. However, if you dont feel comfortable installing them yourself you should get the help of a professional handyman.

Add a stylish touch to your backyard today with garden screens from eBay.