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Outboard Intake and Fuel Systems   

Experienced outboard boat owners know that just like inboard intake and fuel systems, maintaining the outboard intake and fuel system is a vital part to keeping the watercraft operating at peak condition. Shoppers can find a variety of intake fuel systems, parts and accessories from sellers on eBay.   

When Can Outboard Intake and Fuel Systems Be Checked?   

Knowing when you should check outboard intake fuel systems helps to keep your boat running properly. Here are some instances when boat owners should inspect the intake fuel system:   

After Outings: After taking a boat out on the water, it is a good idea to check the fuel pump and flush the engine to remove any debris. Check the water pump to ensure water flows unobstructed.   

After Storage: Boats placed in storage can still be subject to dust and debris that can clog the outboard fuel tank, outboard fuel line and other parts of the outboard engine and components. It is a good idea to flush the fuel tank and other parts of the fuel system as recommended by the manufacturer.   

Which Accessories Are Needed to Maintain an Outboard Intake and Fuel System?   

Having the right tools at hand helps to make maintaining the outboard fuel system easier. Here are a couple of accessories that can help make the maintenance process smoother:   

Flushing Earmuffs: Flushing earmuffs help flush debris from the fuel system.   

Garden Hose: Using garden hoses to flush out the fuel intake system components takes a lot of the labour out of the flushing process. No-crimp garden hoses help keep water flow unobstructed.  

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