Outdoor Fountains

It’s no surprise that water is the cradle of life. Every living organism that we know of needs water in order to survive. But the importance of water doesn’t end there – it’s also used as a means for travel and when vaporised, it can be provide rain that waters wild plants and crops. It can also be used to relieve stress: the sound of running water is a universal relaxant that helps people to unwind.

Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of creating positive energy through spatial arrangements in your home or office, knows the importance of a correctly placed water fountain in your backyard. The sound, the appearance, and the water itself can improve your enjoyment of your backyard as well as offer benefits to your health.

Benefits of a water feature in your backyard

In addition to the sound of a water fountain drowning out noise such as traffic, construction work, or even barking dogs, a water feature is a natural air purifier. Scientific theory also suggests that water produces negative ions, which increase serotonin production, alleviate depression, and increase energy.

Water features are also aesthetically pleasing and attracts birds and wildlife such as frogs to your backyard. Best of all, water fountains are easy to maintain. Sure, you may need to regularly clean them to minimise the risk of algae build-up, but it is a fairly simple task, is low-costing and actually can be enjoyable.

We still find ourselves turning to water for a sense of calm and clarity - instead of booking that vacation by the beach, you only need to walk out your back door and recline in your favourite sun chair for some well-deserved R&R.

There are many types of water features you can place in your backyard – from fountains to waterfalls, ponds and other moving water features, you are only limited by your space and budget. Shop online on eBay today for stunning outdoor décor that looks good and makes you feel good, too.