Outdoor Jumping Castles

We all want to be the best parent we can be for our kids, so when the birthday bash rolls around, be sure to rent or buy a jumping castle. These inflatable structures are composed of several internally connected sections which inflate with air using a jumping castle blower. You can get a single bouncing castle or a complete obstacle course set that may come in two to three parts. These awesome inflatables are also great for summer parties and is a good way for kids to expend all that stored energy when school is out.

Jumping Castle Setup

While jumping castles can be blown up to gigantic sizes, they are surprisingly easy to pack and store. Once fully deflated, it is a simple matter of arranging the arches or other parts of the inflated structure so that they roll in on themselves easily. Once everything is flat and neat, fold it over according to the instructions and roll it much like you would with a sleeping bag.

Jumping Castle Safety

It’s satisfying to see the kids enjoying what you built, but the adult duties never stop there. You must ensure that the castle is secured at every corner using bungee rope and tent pegs. Despite the structure being filled with air and little kids, strong gusts of wind can make quick work of unsecured bouncy castles, so put them up only on top of grass where you can drive pegs securely.

Mini Jumping Castles

Kids jumping castles are also available in mini sizes, perfect for playing in the yard on a hot summer day. Throw in an inflatable pool and you’ve got yourself a fun party. Other commercial jumping castle designs have slides with small pools at the foot ideal for putting water in or plastic balls to turn it into a ball pit.