Outdoor Kitchen BBQs

Outdoor Kitchen BBQs

Once the weather grows warmer, being outside becomes imperative, and you can lure family and friends to your patio by installing an outdoor kitchen BBQ. Serve up freshly grilled meats and vegetables al fresco with these feature-filled portable ranges that offer multiple ways to cook outdoors. Portable ranges have everything you need to create a full meal and enjoy it under the sunshine or stars.

BBQ Brands

There are many factors to consider when youre purchasing an outdoor BBQ, and seeking a reputable brand is one of them. Some BBQ brands to look for include well-known companies like Beefeater, Gasmate and George Foreman. Some brands offer unique features as well as appliances to fit into a variety of budget considerations. Once you select a brand you desire, narrow down your choices by features and fuel types as well as the aesthetics of the BBQ.

Fuel Types

The way your BBQ burns fuel plays an important part in which appliance youll choose. You may want a traditional charcoal BBQ, or a more modern, updated electric grill. Alternately, you could choose an old-fashioned gas BBQ or a propane appliance. Each type of fuel has its own benefits, and its largely a matter of personal preference when it comes to choosing a fuel type. Some may prefer the taste of food grilled with a gas grill over an electric grill, and traditionalists often opt for charcoal grills that offer more flavour, but may not be as convenient as gas or electric grills. Electric grills are the most convenient, but lack the authentic flavour many people enjoy.

BBQ Features

Purchasing an outdoor BBQ means you can choose from a wide variety of features depending on your specific needs. BBQs range from simple two or four-burner designs to more elaborate and spacious six-burner kitchens that include everything from cabinets to a sink. Choose a model with storage if necessary or one with a built-in cooler/refrigerator for cold drinks and supplies. A quick-ignition system gets you cooking in no time, and one-touch temperature control lets you cook at just the right temperature.

Kitchen Materials

BBQs come with a range of features, and the appliances are crafted from varied materials. Stainless steel is a commonly used material due to its durability as well as ease of care, while cast iron is another BBQ option that holds up for the long haul. Some appliances offer a coating to resist rust and corrosion, so select the material thats right for you based on your cooking needs and where youll store your BBQ. Its also recommended to cover your appliance when its not in use.