Lighting as Design

Searching for exterior design ideas? Creating the most picturesque exterior means more than just investing in awesome landscaping and gorgeous outdoor furniture. It means thinking about what that exterior area looks like during the day – and at night. When it comes to interior design, lights are often used to highlight certain features, to create texture using light and shadow, and to generate a certain atmosphere. Exterior lighting can be just as powerful. Getting exterior lighting right simply means finding out what’s possible, and what kind of effects can be achieved.   A good place to start can be to look at exterior design magazines and books, as these can show what other people have done, and how that can be adapted to other outdoor areas. eBay is another great place to find inspiration, especially for anyone who doesn’t know which types of lights are available. Walkway and path lights can be used to pick out walkways, while outdoor floodlights and spotlights can be used to light up large areas or highlight certain features. Spotlights could be used to create interesting light effects when placed at the bottom of trees, or through garden screening. Lampposts and post lights can provide fixed lighting throughout the yard, while outdoor lanterns and strings can offer more movement, depending on where they are placed.

Seasonal Decoration 

What says Christmas better than beautiful Christmas lights? Lighting up exterior areas is a great way to create Christmas cheer and festive feeling – and it’s really not that difficult to get right. Christmas lights come in a variety of styles, making it easy to light up everything from the pergola to the pool area. Choose from a selection of coloured or white lights, available in simple strings, nets, icicles and curtains. These can be used to wrap around trees, hung over bushes, or in-and-out of balconies. Making it look spectacular simply requires a little bit of Christmassy imagination.   Whether buying flood lights or Christmas lights, lanterns or pool lights, eBay is the place to shop. Think about which lighting options would look best, while also keeping in mind the practical stuff, like where these lights will get their power. Choose from battery or solar options, or lights that require a power source via corded mains or hardwired mains.