A sprawling backyard with a hedge and plenty of trees and brush seems like a wonderful idea – and it is – but it does take a huge amount of maintenance! If you're a keen gardener with a hedge or some tall, well-established trees to keep in check, a long reach hedge trimmer will become your new best friend. Hedge cutters are absolutely necessary for keeping a hedge in good shape – they're designed to be extremely tough, durable and sharp in order to stand up to the toughness and density of a hedge. Your average hedge cutters, however, won't actually cut it when it comes to a particularly large hedge. You can spend half your day up a ladder, painstakingly snipping away with hedge cutters designed for miniature hedges, but it will cost far more in time and energy than it needs to. A long reach hedge trimmer will allow you far more freedom of movement and will get the job done faster and to a higher standard. An electric long reach hedge trimmer, in particular, will save you a huge amount of time and energy, and will also last longer without blunting or losing its alignment.

Find the right tools and equipment for your garden and yard

There is an enormous range of outdoor power equipment designed to keep gardens of all shapes and sizes in good nick, so it's wise to make a thorough list of the tasks required for your particular garden. For a small, pocket-handkerchief lawn or miniature hedge, browse a great variety of hedge and grass shears suited to on-the-ground work. If you're going to be working with tall hedges, well-established trees and thick brush, there is a wide range of heavy-duty power tools to choose from across various different price points. Start looking today and find precisely the right tools to make your life easier and keep your garden as beautiful as it can be within a budget you can manage!