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 Your backyard is the perfect place for young children to run around, shout, jump, or play. Encourage their development by giving them some fun and safe toys and activities to help develop their gross motor skills. It’s amazing how some fresh air can make a positive difference to your child – and to your mental health as well!  When children are particularly boisterous, sending them outside to play (under a watchful eye) will help to use up some of that energy. There are a lot of outdoor toys to buy on eBay that any kid will enjoy.  

Types of outdoor toys

  Trampolines: A family favourite, trampolines can be enjoyed by young and old. They work the muscles and cardiovascular system, and can also increase oxygen capacity. Just ten minutes of jumping is the equivalent of a 30 minute run – two hours of fun will surely tire them out by bedtime!  Cubby houses and playtents: A cubby house or playtent can be a great outdoor toy for your little one and when their friends come over. A cubby house or playtent can let your children play make-believe for hours, as they crawl, climb and maneuver through the wood, plastic or fabric.  Swing sets: A swing set allows children to undertake aerobic and athletic exercise in an exhilarating way. They’ll feel like they’re flying as they go as high as they possibly can, before coming back down to earth with that funny feeling in their tummies. Other types of outdoor toys  Nerf guns, sandpits, slides, jumping castles, kites and more – there’s no end to the amount of fun you can provide your child on the weekends, during school holidays, or when they are first exploring the outside.  Shop online on eBay for an exclusive range of outdoor toys and activities to suit any child at whatever age. Buy new or secondhand to save money on high quality and safe outdoor toys.