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Over Centre Latch Trailer Parts

Sometimes it isn't just about safety and security; it's about making sure a door or panel doesn't come open. Keep it shut while driving down the highway and keep it shut in case a curious animal decides to check out what's behind the closed door. Whether you are looking for 7-pin trailer plug parts or over centre latch trailer parts, the market is wide open when it comes to choices.


One reason this type of lock is popular is the ease of installation. In a few simple steps, you can have the latch on and ready to lock in place. Some trailer parts require effort and an extensive knowledge of mechanical know-how, but now with over centre latch trailer parts. A few screws and you are ready to start using your new lock.

Multiple Sets

Don't get caught without having the proper equipment to protect your stuff. Purchase a pair or even more, and put one up so that you will always be ready no matter life throws at you.


In addition to being easy to install, an over centre latch is easy to use. Lift the handle, hook it over the lock and return the handle to its first position. Look for one that offers a soft rubber coating around the handle, which makes it more comfortable when opening and closing.


Because the latch will most likely spend its life exposed to the elements, it's important that the composite makeup be durable and rust resistant. Don't leave it up to chance on whether your fixture will last year after year; purchase one made of a material that you know will last. Stainless steel and zinc plated both get the job done and will stand up to the abuse thrust upon it.