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Overbed & Overchair Tables

Overbed and Overchair Tables

Whether youre recovering from surgery or confined to bed for health reasons, overbed and overchair tables can be a welcome relief. Instead of having to reach over to a nightstand or balance a tray on your lap, mobility furniture comes to you and adjusts to meet your needs, making it simple to eat, read or use a computer without having to move around too much.


A basic adjustable overbed and overchair table offers a simple solution when youre laid up in bed. These tables on rollers adjust in height to make it easy for you to access the table. Sturdy and lightweight, use the adjustment lever on the side of the table to quickly and easily create the perfect height for you. Tables on casters make it simple to roll out of the way when youre not using it, and provide the perfect way to get the table just where you need it. Select a wheeled, stationary table that makes no noise, and ensure you gain the independence you need when it comes to meals or projects.


Though fixed tables come in handy, if youre trying to work, read, or write while youre sitting down, you may need overbed and overchair tables with tilt. These use a knob to control and adjust the amount of tilt you require, making it easy for you to view documents or magazines, then adjust the table back to a flat position when necessary. Opt for a two-part table, with one part that tilts and the other that stays straight to hold food or drinks while you write or read. Some tables feature a raised portion at the bottom to keep a book in place or hold pens and pencils.


Pass the time using your laptop when you have the right table to accommodate it. Adjustable laptop tables give you plenty of room to set a computer and adjust the height and tilt of the table so you can read, work, and type with ease. Opt for a larger design if you need to place a desktop computer or monitor on top, or a smaller table for a laptop or tablet to fit onto comfortably. A two-tier table with a lower level works well for placing a keyboard or a mouse, or you can put your computer on the top level and food and drink on the bottom. There are many options to choose from, so select the best one depending on your specific needs as well as your computer type.


A multifunctional table looks like one large table with several smaller tables next to it. This essentially frees up more space, letting you add things you need to the shelves and access them without help. Perfect for crafting, or holding things to do, such as books, movies or activities. Adjust the table or tilt it, and use the smaller shelves as you desire. Since the table is on casters, roll it around as you need to access the other items on the table, or store it without worry in a corner or out of the way.