Less is more with overhead projectors

Those of you old enough to remember them will be pleased to know that these old-school business supplies aren't completely extinct. Traditional overhead projectors may lack the high-tech appeal of today's LCD digital screen projectors, but this tried-and-tested technology still has advantages that make them useful for today's busy office environments.

Overhead projectors work by reflecting light through a mirror in the head, to display an image on a screen or whiteboard. A powerful light in the base is used to illuminate a transparent document above, which is projected through the head into a much larger image suitable for display. They are an incredibly simple and reliable way of sharing content with a large audience.

Reduced operating costs

Overhead projectors are low-tech so they don't require the services of an IT technician or a separate PC. Most of your staff will be familiar with the technology, so you won't have to spend money on expensive training. This technology is so simple that even a confirmed technophobe should be able to use one without any training. But the biggest advantage of overhead projectors is the overall cost savings.

Overhead projectors cost significantly less than their LCD based counterparts, and in most cases, the savings will run to many hundreds of dollars. Replacement bulbs are also cheaper, you can buy a complete overhead projector for the price of a single replacement lamp for an LCD screen projector.

Overhead projector accessories

You can find overhead projectors from a range of leading brands including 3M and Gilkon along with a range of accessories, including replacement lamps, bulbs, and transparency film. A range of carrying cases and stands are also available which allow your projector to be easily moved from classroom to classroom.

To display images correctly you will also need either a large whiteboard or portable projector screen. These are available in a number of sizes to suit all applications. Whether you want to project content in a large office conference room, university lecture theatre, or small classroom, you can find an overhead projector to suit your needs here on eBay.