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Every woman has their own story to tell. A special collection of moments that say who they are. Pandora helps you celebrate those moments, because they are all an unforgettable part of you

As the largest brand of jewellery on earth, Pandora strives to inspire every woman in the world the chance to express their individuality and share their passions, loves, and memories. Pandora has a wide variety of modern and genuine jewellery products, all of which are hand-finished and high quality, ready and waiting for you to express yourself.

Pandora's universe of jewellery include charms, bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces and pendants, offering women vast opportunities to express their personality along with any other facets of themselves. 

The Pandora Story

Founded in Copenhagen, Denmark back in 1982, Pandora employs over 27,300 people around the globe, with 13,200 where they manufacture the jewellery in Thailand. 

All the contemporary and hand-finished Pandora Jewellery has been designed and manufactured using the most affordable yet high-quality materials available. Pandora is sold in over 100 countries on 6 different continents via almost 8,000 shops, including over 2,400 concept jewellery stores.

Pandora is a brand with distinctive products that in only a couple of years managed to survive the exceptional journey that took them from being a local jeweller in Denmark, to an international world-leading jewellery company.

Around 30 years ago in 1982, goldsmith Per Enevoldsen along with his wife Winnie opened a jeweller’s shop in modest surroundings in Copenhagen, Denmark which would one day become the Pandora brand it is today.

Even in the beginning, they searched in placed like Thailand for jewellery that was worth importing. Then as their product’s demand increased, gradually their focus shifted towards selling wholesale to their clients in Denmark.

After several years as successful wholesalers, they shut down the retail part of their business in 1987 and moved the company to larger sized premises. Pandora’s first in-house designer also joined the team, as they began focusing on the creation of their own unique jewellery. It was then two years later in 1989, that they decided they would start manufacturing their new jewellery in Thailand.

The first Pandora charm bracelet concept was launched in 2000 at the Danish market, and thankfully consumers embraced it. In the years that followed, the company began to expand internationally, driven by the encouragement of a sizable growth in demand, as they entered new markets areas like the United States in 2003, followed by Australia and Germany in 2004.

Pandora opened a six-story manufacturing facility in Thailand to increase their production capacity in 2005, and it is still a central cog in the wheel of current production. They followed up with a second manufacturing facility in August 2008 in the same area, which was then followed by Pandora’s third facility in 2010 and then their fourth, further strengthening their unique setup of production.

Pandora Jewellery Range

Pandora Jewellery brings true beauty to any outfit, with their exquisite reminders of moments in your life that were unforgettable. Each piece of jewellery from Pandora has been finished by hand to ensure the greatest attention to detail. The Pandora bracelets, charms, rings, earrings, pendants, and necklaces are a lovely gift idea for someone special in your life

The Pandora collection of jewellery is so extensive that you are truly spoilt for choice. Of course, there are the wide variety of Pandora bracelets available, which includes everything from classic bracelets to bangles to strand bracelets, all of which that can easily be personalised with your favourite Pandora charms.

Every charm is like a handcrafted chapter in the hand-written book of your life, that’s worn with pride for the world to see. You can always continue to add to your story by adorning your Pandora bracelets with charms, accessories, shop charms, safety chains, spacers, and clips, all of which are available in a variety of metals such as Pandora Rose, Pandora Shine, and sterling silver.

Pandora also have all their latest charm collections, so you can get brand-new styles to surprise your loved one with charms that they may not have seen. For some inspiration, look for Pandora collections from Disney, Spring, and Reflexions. And in addition to the Pandora brand’s infamous bracelets, they also make a variety of other jewellery like Pandora necklaces, rings, and earrings. 

Pandora Bracelets & Charms

As your story evolves over time, Pandora lets you take it with you in style, with their range of hand-finished bracelets and charms that have been sculpted especially for the special moments in your life. Anyone who looks at it will instantly know things about you just by the charms you have on your wrist.

With close to 1000 unique Pandora charms that are just waiting to be discovered, you are sure to find one that helps you remember that special moment in your life. If you need inspiration, there are dozens of animals, creatures, trees, leaves, and flowers, or there are stacks of books, a cocktail glass, or slice of cake. Or sat bon voyage with the series of Pandora’s travel-themed charms, such as spinning globes, suitcases, and hot-air balloons.

There are wedding and anniversary milestone celebrations charms, animal and nature lover charms, and charms for your passion, profession, or hobby. Maybe you want a teacup dangle charm to let people know just how important taking a break for tea is to you.

Pandora charms can be exquisite gifts for women both young and old. You can easily show someone special in your life how much you care with a charm that represents something personal that you know about them, a hobby, a strength, or maybe a goal that they are aiming for.

It’s worth mentioning that there are a few different types of Pandora charm. Each one is either a spacer charm, a clip, a dangle charm, a safety chain charm, a Pandora Me charm, or a Pandora Reflexions charm.

If you are looking to update the look of your Pandora jewellery, you can always replace the Pandora snake chain with, a sleek Pandora mesh bracelet, a solid Pandora bangle, a delicate Pandora Me bracelet, or an edgier style of a Pandora link bracelet. Pandora fine bracelets are made out of sterling silver, yellow gold, titanium, silver plate, or even stainless steel.

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