PAT Testers

Handy PAT testers for your business

Portable appliance testing, better known as PAT testing, is an obligation for many businesses under Australian law. In order to prove your business is compliant, youll need to be regularly testing your own equipment.

Hiring a portable appliance tester every time you need to carry out these tests can be an expensive way of doing things. To get around the issue of hiring someone every time their equipment needs a safety check, many business owners are purchasing their own industrial testers and calibrators.

With your own portable appliance tester and a little bit of training, you can easily ensure the safety of your team. You can also be certain that your business is compliant with the law. On top of this, you can ensure that every device your employees make use of during their working day is safe to use and compliant with Australian standards.

Choosing the right PAT tester

PAT equipment is either supplied as an all in one device or a kit containing the various tools that are required for a successful PAT test.

If youre completely new to PAT testing, then it might be best to choose an all in one device. These are able to walk you through all of the steps that are required. If you remember using multimeters at school to build electrical circuits, then youll already have a basic idea of whats involved in the PAT testing procedure.

Carrying out PAT testing

PAT testing is required on a huge range of portable appliances that are common throughout Australian offices and commercial premises. As such, buying a reliable appliance tester is very important, and you need a brand you can trust. With several reputable names like Megger, Seaward and Kewtech to look at, all offering PAT testers for use, youll be sure to find the right one for you on eBay.