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As the heart of any desktop set-up, the desktop PC is an essential piece of kit. While monitors, keyboards and mice are all important parts of the package, it’s the desktop PC that provides the grunt, the power, the everything, really. As with any piece of gadgetry, the key to finding the right PC desktop is to know what it will be used for, and to choose the right set-up accordingly.    Just looking to send a few emails, and perhaps create a few documents? The desktop needed for those types of tasks would be very different from, say, a hardcore gamer’s desktop. Work from home? For anyone who needs a desktop to work from home, that desktop and its features become incredibly important. Tasks such as graphic design and music production need certain essentials within a desktop package, which should be accounted for when making a decision.

Comparing Features

Home to a vast array of desktops and all-in-one computers, eBay is the one-top-shop for all gadgetry needs. Not only does eBay feature a great range of desktops, it also makes it easy to compare all the options, along with their features. And when it comes to desktop shopping, feature comparison is all important. Start by comparing processor type to find options that offer everything from AMD FX and Intel Core 2 Duo, to Intel Core i3 6th Gen, Intel Core i5 6th Gen and Intel Core i7 6th Gen.   Next up is processor speed. While for some users, processor speed is not that big of a deal, for most users, processor speed is vital. Check out options that range from 1.00-1.49GHz and 2.00-2.49GHz, to 3.00-3.49GHz and 3.50GHz or more. Hard drive capacity can be another deal breaker. If hard drive capacity is an issue, refine the search to find options that offer 160GB, 250GB, 500GB, 1TB or 2TB. What else should be compared in the search for the perfect desktop? Brand can be a great identifier of quality, memory can be significant, and the operating system can help users work out if a desktop is easy to work with or potentially buggy.

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