PC Laptops & Notebooks

It can be really hard to work out which laptop you should buy. If you are buying laptops for your children's schooling needs, do you really need to go for the biggest memory? If you are travelling and need a lightweight laptop, which is the best? There is a variety of factors you need to take into account when deciding which computer is best for your situation. Let eBay help you purchase the ideal laptop or notebook for your needs.

When space is not a premium

New laptop models offer a simple and basic filing system and media management tools. In reality, almost everything you do on a laptop these days is browser based. Your music comes from an online streaming source, video comes from Netflix, Amazon or YouTube, and for office work you use Google Docs and its related tools. You are loading and storing items on the cloud. Because of this, you might not need as much storage space on your device. That's why a 16GB computer can be more the sufficient for your situation.

16gb RAM Laptops

Current versions of Chromebooks and inexpensive Windows laptops and notebooks come with less memory than some other high-powered makes and models. But that doesn't mean they're not right for you. You can find 16GB ram laptops from many well-known companies, including Lenovo and Dell as well as popular ASUS gaming laptops. On those machines, you're meant to do pretty much everything online and retain only very minimal local files.

Browser based education

Gone are the days when households have just one laptop. A 16gb computer is the perfect option for your primary school aged children to use to access their online learning tools like Mathletics or Reading Eggs. Online study or distance education where your texts, lessons and demonstrations are delivered from the university server are sourced via a browser, too. You can buy a 16gb RAM laptop for each member of your family at a reasonable price on eBay.

When you are ready to let your memory go and buy a new laptop, browse eBay your 16gb RAM laptop. You can also find laptop replacement parts and accessories you might need. Check them all out today!