PC3-12800 DDR3-1600 Server RAM

PC3 12800 DDR3 1600 Server RAM

Regardless of whether you’re building an office system or a fully-fledged business server, random access memory (RAM) modules are a core component in any network. Within a server, RAM modules provide memory storage for reading and writing dynamic information. After storing, your networks central processor can access this information. PC3 12800 server RAM is a bus specification for RAM modules that, when used in 64-bit systems, register a bandwidth of 12.8 GB per second. DDR3 RAM modules use third-generation double data rate (DDR) interfaces and can accommodate data speeds as high as 1600 megatransfers per second.


You can install PC3 12800 DDR3 1600 server RAM in workstations for use as dynamic memory drives. Alternatively, you can use PC3 DDR3 RAM as network servermemory. Take advantage of the compatible design of DDR3 RAM, allowing you to build or upgrade your server with network CPUs and motherboards. Because of its compatible design, you can use DDR3 RAM to boost the data transfer speed in an older network or increase server stability on a modern network.

Improved Network Bandwidth

If your network seems sluggish and unresponsive, it’s time to upgrade your network server memory. With a higher memory clock frequency and enhanced latencies, DDR3 network server RAM consistently registers superior read and write bandwidth.

Network Versatility

Whether you’re using a network-wide firewall or running multiple WordPress systems, dedicated DDR3 server RAM will expand and improve your network’s capabilities. Enjoy superior network stability and heightened responsiveness by installing lightning fast PC3 12800 server RAM. You can use your DDR3 network server memory for running a network operating system, scripting web sites, managing application systems and caching static content.

Power Efficiency

Compared to PC3 10600 network server memory, PC3 12800 DDR3 RAM requires significantly less power during normal usage and high-load periods. PC3 12800 DDR3 1600 RAM has an approximate power consumption rating of 2.58 W while PC3 10600 RAM works at 5 W.