Find a PDA that will save you hours of time

A PDA, personal digital assistant, is a mobile, handheld device not unlike a tablet. Once as ubiquitous as the computer in the modern office, they still have a solid place in certain industries and verticals as a time-saving device. Not only can it keep track of your personal texts, emails, client appointments, and important documents, it can act as a professional organiser for your digital life.

Like any handheld device, a PDA had a display screen. However, while some include touchscreen technology, the thing that differentiates a PDA form a tablet is the inclusion of a large keyboard.

They are structurally similar to many modern mobile phones, which are specialised for texting, especially certain Blackberry models, not surprising, as Blackberry is still lauded today for its classic and modern PDAs.This keyboard is essential to its organisational function, as it allows you to search for, access and modify your information quickly and with much better accuracy than a touchscreen keyboard.

An office organiser that doesn't take up desk or closet space

Using a PDA isn't about creating space or cleaning up your desk area. It can, however, offer you the chance to cut down on the paper clutter dramatically. Organising your emails, notes, and technical data on a PDAs internal and/or cloud storage can help you save time, always ensuring that you have your important data at your fingertips.

Better still, this time and labour saving device fits neatly in almost any pocket.

Personal digital assistant software

There are more ways to aid the organisation of your information than it would be possible to list here. Luckily, modern PDAs are not limited to the software that comes pre-packaged with them. Popular models have extensive development communities where hundreds or thousands of people bend their skill and expertise to creating new apps and functions for these tiny office workhorses.