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Build your own model railway with PECO

Founded in 1946 in rural England, PECO stands for heritage, quality and making accurate and enjoyable model railways. The brand is recognised for its wide range of train models, as well as publishing magazines aimed at the model railway enthusiast. So whether you're just starting to build your own railway or you've kilometres of track already, you'll find the right PECO model for you on eBay.

Train tracks

PECO manufacture models on various scales, and you can find OO, HO and N scale models on eBay. It's important to get the right size track to match your carriage, to enable the carriage to move freely. You can find all kinds of PECO track, from straight runs, through to track that bends to either the left or right.

You can also build up a storage area for your carriages. A railroad switch point enables access to a different path, and keeps your railway-building activity alive with opportunities.

Train carriages

Perhaps one of the best things about PECO scale railways is the number of different carriages on offer. There's a ripper selection of freight carriages on offer, cracking if you're looking to build up a transport-themed model railway. Many of the carriages are vintage-themed and include adverts for British brands, great if you're a collector.

You can also find carts that carry coal and other heavy materials, to supply your own miniature industrial revolution. Or for a more genteel railway, choose from a selection of passenger carriages.

Parts and accessories

Tiny details to bring the model railway to life. You can buy tiny shops for your railway stations, and even tiny milk churns. If you want your railway to look truly authentic then trees and greenery will bring the background to life. Then just reload your freight with goods and off they go.