Pentax is a Japanese brand that falls under the Ricoh umbrella. Pentax produce quality cameras, lenses and sports optics, popular the world over. They are famous for their excellent cameras that have proven to include state of the art technology and craftsmanship while being durable and easy to use.

Digital Cameras

Pentax is a hugely respected brand when it comes to digital cameras. The Pentax digital camera range covers everything from basic point and shoot cameras to professional DSLR cameras. They also manufacture waterproof and all weather cameras which are fantastic for taking with you out on the water or when travelling. When choosing a new camera, Pentax is a brand that you can trust and has all the accessories that you need to take those perfect pictures.

Camera Lenses

Pentax camera lenses are the widest DSLR lens range on the market. Their K-Mount fits with over 215 different lenses. No matter if you are a budding photographer or a professional, you will be able to get whatever size lens you need to fit with your camera for your shooting needs.

Sport Optics

Pentax want you to see the world more clearly and a fine selection of telescopes and binoculars, which are great for outdoor activities. Pentax telescopes and binoculars are high performance sports optics with brilliant clarity and will allow you to see things from very far away. These are great to take on hunting or hiking trips, and there are compact versions that fit easily into your backpack.


Pentax have a large range of accessories so you can have everything you need for your photography sessions. There are extra batteries and chargers that come in handy especially when travelling. For your camera, you can buy a flash, adapter rings, remote controls and grips. Keep your camera safe and damage free in a stylish Pentax camera case, which can also have space to keep memory cards and lenses.