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POC Cycling Sunglasses Goggles

High-performance sunglasses made for sports, POC cycling sunglasses and goggles not only offer maximum sun protection, but give you complete visibility while looking stylish at the same time. Special lenses allow you to distinguish upcoming obstacles as you ride, and work well for year round sun protection. Available in a range of styles and colours, cycling sunglasses and goggles make biking a breeze.


Though POC shades are specific to cycling, to the untrained eye they simply look like fashionable sunglasses. Unlike unbranded cycling sunglasses and goggles, these high-tech frames feature an array of cool designs. Select wrap styles with an adjustable nosepiece that creates a custom fit, with wide lenses for full coverage protection. Other options include a low-profile frame that looks more like a traditional sunglass frame, featuring a lightweight yet durable design. Select round styles, rectangular frames or pilot-inspired sporty shades that give you a wide field of vision and a stylish look. Colours range from white and black to bright blue, green, and orange options.


The magic of POC sunglasses lies in the lenses. The tint of the lens is specific to sports use, and they work to create contrasts between the road and other objects, which actually increases your visibility level, keeping you safe as you cycle. The lenses are also made from anti-fog materials so you don't have to worry about compromised vision due to weather, and the lenses resist everything from water to debris, keeping your vision clear. Polarised lenses keep you from squinting and keep your vision clear when there's a glare.


The benefits of POC sunglasses are many, and the features the sunglasses provide make them perfect for sports purposes. Crafted with a special type of hydrophilic rubber, the frames stay on your face even when it's raining or you're sweating, reducing the risk of impaired vision no matter what the elements are. The frame and lens materials work to reduce any added weight, so they feel light on your face and let you adjust the fit as well as change out lenses as you need to, making the shades customisable. The shades are easy to clean and maintain, making it easy to take them on the go as much as you need to.


If you cycle frequently as well as indulge in other sports and athletics, it pays to have some POC accessories on hand to make your sunglasses even more versatile. Spare lenses in a variety of tints meet your needs for every type of weather or situation. A handy case to keep your shades or goggles in when you're not using them keeps your pair protected on the road and reduces the chance of damage to your eyewear.