People will need sunglasses when they look at your post-pole smile, the brightest, DIY teeth whitening kit available! 

Find a brighter shade of white with Pola, which once applied to your teeth will break down into water and oxygen ions.These ions then enter the enamel and break down the stain molecules rendering them colourless. Once in this state, they are naturally removed from the tooth by saliva giving you whiter teeth and a brighter smile! 

There are several options for a Pola Whitening System, available in both day and night versions. Pola's unique formulation releases the active whitening ingredients as soon as it is applied to initiate the whitening process and does not require any UV light therapy. This makes Pola the fastest bleach available, safely whitening teeth in 30 minutes while protecting your gums. 

Of the many teeth whitening gels available on eBay, Pola is the only one to offer an office version for daytime use. PolaOffice+ is designed to protect your nerves and nerve endings during the day, while reducing the likelihood of gum irritation, burning or long term gum damage. Whiten your teeth while you work and reduce the possibility of discolouration during the day. 

Pola releases fluoride which remineralises the surface of your tooth protecting it against tooth sensitivity while the high water content formulation protects your gums during treatment. The finest whitening effect can be obtained in as little as 15 minutes or applied overnight while you sleep depending on which Pola strength you use. Shop Pola on eBay and have the whitest smile of your life in no time at all!