Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

Get it in front of 160+ million buyers.

POS Scales

Do you want to save time and money? If so, then POS scales are perfect cash register accessories. It's not just grocery stores that benefit from this type of equipment. In fact, cafeterias, delicatessens, and sweet stores, to name a few, will enjoy the added benefits as well. Any place that needs to measure for an exact sale needs a scale that is accurate and reliable. What's more, it should be easy to read and install.

Stand Alone

Just as the name implies, stand-alone scales stand alone. As many consider them the most basic type of POS scales, it is ideal for small markets that sell items by weight. Typically, items go on the scale, and the weight then transmits to the POS system, calculating a price it bases on the predetermined price per unit.

In-Counter Scanner

The type of scale you generally see at most grocery store cash registers are in-counter scanner scales. In addition to being able to determine the weight of a product, it can also scan a barcode. This allows the cashier maximise efficiency by drawing a product across the scanner scale at any angle to read the barcode. Determine the weight by simply placing the merchandise on the scale and punching a few buttons on the cash register.

Barcode Printing

Often found in the meat department, barcode printing scales weigh the items and then label them with a barcode to make checkout quicker. In order to use this type of scale, you will need barcode scanners at the registers.

Big or Small

The size of the machine you choose to purchase is determined by the type of establishment you own and what kind of merchandise you sell. If you plan to grow your business, consider going a step up on the size so as your customer base increases you won't need to purchase an additional unit.

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