Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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POS Software

If you’re running a business that sells goods or a restaurant where you are serving food, investing in POS software is a good idea to keep track of your sales and inventory. These days, cash registers are just not enough if you want to effectively record sales and run reports on your most popular items. POS software runs through a computer and you can link screens to restaurant kitchens or warehouses. Any kind of business that makes sales will highly benefit from one of these systems that you can manipulate according to your needs.

Restaurants and Cafes

There are different kinds of POS software setups for restaurants, cafes or even food trucks. Depending on the software, you can have different features such as the ability to print kitchen dockets or have a screen in your kitchen where the chef can see orders immediately. Some systems offer an inventory check, which requires you to put in the ingredients of each item you are selling and the quantity; then the system will automatically deplete the stock count as you make orders. This is a great way to digitally keep track of your available ingredients and what you need to buy.

Retail POS

Retail POS software is excellent if you have a shop that sells goods. You can easily keep an eye on the inventory of your stock and know when you need to order products from your warehouse or supplier. The system can work with a cash drawer, EFTPOS, printer and barcode scanner. You can also connect to a tablet, so you can take orders from your customers around your shop rather than at the register. Loyalty programmes can also run through this system.

Android or iOS

POS software can be compatible with either Android or iOS and sometimes both, so do check the specifications before purchasing to make sure that you have the right system.

Barcode Scanners

Barcode scanners are a highly effective way of ensuring that you sell products for the correct price and can keep track of inventory. Initially, setting up your shop with barcode labels may take some time, but it will be well worth it especially if you have multiple people completing sales and using the cash register. Barcode scanners can simply scan over a label and bring up the product on screen with the inputted price, so you will not need to inquire to enquire about pricing from a manager or checking a printed price list.

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