Play at the high end with beautiful PRS guitars and basses from eBay

Producing some of the best guitars in the world since 1985, PRS has become one of the staples of the music industry. With dozens of beautiful instruments from which to choose, eBay can help you tune up your playing and wow audiences both big and small.

Strumming and shredding for all

Unlike some other guitar makers, PRS proudly produces axes for players who enjoy producing music in all sorts of styles. PRS electric guitars give you the sonic power and gorgeous handmade looks to take centre stage under the brightest lights. And PRS bass guitars let you provide the strong backbone for your favourite hits. Want to slow it down or unplug? Thats not an issue, either, as PRS acoustic guitars bring classic natural sounds that suit pickers and strummers of all ages and skill levels.

The lineup

PRS guitars and basses have been used by the members of some of the biggest bands in the world over the years. Members of massive groups such as Rush, Of Mice and Men, Good Charlotte, Grand Funk Railroad and even the mayor of Margaritaville himself, Jimmy Buffett, have all made PRS their go-to source for instruments that have brought houses down.

Ready to make some beautiful music? Check out the stunning selection of PRS guitars and basses you can buy online on eBay and get ready to play your heart out.