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PTO Shaft

If you want to bring a greater level of flexibility and professionalism to how you use your farm tractor, it's a good idea to consider browsing the PTO shafts available online. PTO stands for power take-off shaft. This shaft efficiently transfers power between tractors and a variety of implement types.

PTO Clutch

If you're looking for a tractor part like a PTO shaft, you probably will also want to check out the range of PTO clutches sold online. With PTO clutch types listed that are suitable for many different tractor models, it's simple to find a clutch to suit your specific farming needs.

Safety Tips to Remember When Using a PTO Stub Shaft

Like with most farming and agricultural equipment, it is important to keep hazards in mind when using a PTO stub. Be aware that most incidents with PTO stubs occur when clothing gets caught by an engaged, but unguarded stub. Some of the reasons PTO stubs remain engaged are: the operator is aware the PTO stub is spinning but doesn't assess it as a threat, or the operator is simply unaware it's engaged. If the operator is not careful, trouser legs, overalls, boot laces and shirts can easily catch and become wrapped around an active PTO stub shaft. As well as apparel, it is important to also keep jewellery and long hair away from the machinery.

Other Farming and Agriculture Equipment Available

While shopping online for a PTO shaft and/or PTO clutch, why not also take some time to check out the other farming and agriculture equipment sold online? Some of the ripper product types available include: beekeeping equipment, drill bits, insecticides and cattle drench.

Why Buy a PTO Shaft Online?

There are a number of fantastic reasons to consider buying your new PTO shaft online. For example, online it is easy to track down new and used models of excellent quality and compare it to different products. This makes it simple to find a product suitable for your farming needs, without straying from your budget.