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Pyrex makes cooking and baking a pleasure

Providing durable, beautiful cookware since 1915, Pyrex glassware combines enduring strength with timeless design. While vintage and collectable Pyrex bakeware skews toward colourful and kitsch servingware, the contemporary Pyrex range is focused on simple, elegant and hard-wearing prepware, storage and bakeware.

Whether you pick up a gorgeous collectible statement piece, a brand-new bargain or get a great deal on something second-hand, Pyrex is an investment that will provide you with years of kitchen inspiration.

Beautiful, durable bakeware

Bake up a storm with Pyrex prepware and bakeware. You'll find a huge range of beautiful, durable measuring jugs plus mixing bowls and ovenware perfect for whipping up bread, biscuits, muffins, brownies, puddings, cakes and everything in between.

The iconic Pyrex measuring jug is still available brand-new in sizes from 1 cup to 8 cups, and you'll find crack- and chip-resistant glass mixing bowls in a range of sizes.

Pyrex bakeware is made from heat-tempered glass, originally developed to make railway lanterns that could simultaneously handle the heat of the lantern flame and the ice-cold night air without cracking. Modern Pyrex glass is oven safe, microwave safe, easy to clean, doesn't absorb stains or odours, and provides uniform baking, so that your recipes turn out just right - every time.

Meal-prep made easy

Beautiful, durable Pyrex glass is suited to transitioning from the fridge to the microwave to the table, making it an excellent choice for saving leftovers and preparing meals in advance.

Concerned about reheating your meals in plastic containers that discolour and retain flavours? Pyrex glass containers are a natural choice. Choose from a range of round and rectangular containers suited to storing one leftover meal at a time or a huge dish for the whole family. Are you looking for something to make your office lunches more interesting? Step up your meal-prep with a gorgeous divided glass lunch box that will motivate you to smash your midweek goals.

Organise your pantry with Pyrex's plastic-free storage solutions

Want to give your pantry a plastic-free makeover? Pyrex has been making beautiful glassware for over a hundred years.

Choose from classic stackable round and rectangular containers made from tough Pyrex glass and flexible plastic lids. Solve your kitchen storage problems with delightful, long-lasting plastic-free solutions that keep your food fresh and looking delicious.

Stock up on kitchen storage essentials with eBay's huge range of Pyrex kitchen storage and organisation products.

Collectable Pyrex serving ware

You'll find an impressive range of vintage and collectable Pyrex bakeware on eBay. Browse gorgeous vintage milk glass casserole dishes with lovely designs that have stood the test of time, as well as plates and bowls and unusual statement pieces.

Are you searching for vintage and retro decorative plates and bowls? eBay makes it easy to find quality tableware perfectly suited to your décor and your budget. Just search by category and era (bakeware from the 1970s, for example), or by brand and era. To find Pyrex items from a particular decade, right here on this page you can scroll to the handy filter feature on the left-hand side and check one or more of the boxes listed under "Era".