Pacific Notes

Collectible Australian and Pacific notes

Since notes were introduced alongside coins as currency, they have long been considered by collectors as important as great works of art. Not only do they hold the history of the country, political directions, and the social and industrial movements. Find something to complete your collection on eBay.

Australia has the great position of being near to the Pacific Islands and New Zealand and the rise in quality Reserve Bank Notes ensure that you can find whatever youre looking for with ease. You will find more recent Austrailian notes with certain serial numbers if this is your preferred currency to collect, together with notes that are of high value due to misprints. Whatever your reason to collect bank notes, you will find a wealth of examples in which to immerse yourself in.

Old and rare notes

A very rare Reserve Bank of New Zealand 10 shilling note from 1934 is available, printed with the Maori King Tawhiao and a Kiwi. The artistry on such notes are beyond compare and add to the value as much as the age. Youll come across Printers proofs, such as the National Bank of New Zealand ten pounds printers proof, which is highly desirable for the avid Pacific note enthusiast.

Misprinted and low print circulation notes

All collectors would agree that a rare misprint is a precious find and there are both individual notes such as the Papua New Guinea 5 Kina overprint, or a set of uncirculated notes from a print run of only 1000. A New Zealand 2000 Millennium set would be a welcome addition to any collection.

Polymer notes and unusual serial numbers

Now Australian and Pacific currency has upgraded to polymer, there has been a resurgence to collect these notes for both the design and the serial numbers. The Australia 2017 Next Generation $10 polymer note in uncirculated condition and of low serial numbers is a definite collectors item of the future.