Commemorate your favourite culture with Pacific stamps

Pacific stamps are available in a wide variety of styles and designs from many oceanic countries and islands, ideal for collectors of all levels.

Popular Pacific stamps from different destinations

Papua New Guinea stamps are widely available in cover, individual, multiple, and block designs. The decorative and colourful stamps are supplied in mint never hinged, mint hinged, and used variations. Popular Pacific stamps include first day covers featuring conservation designs and commemorative anniversary stamps supplied in multiple sheets.

Stamps from New Zealand include an assortment of full face and definitive designs in a variety of styles. Popular designs include vintage Queen Victoria stamps, New Zealand exhibition, and agricultural stamps that display colourful advertising designs. Choose from mint condition never hinged, lightly hinged, used, and no gum stamps.

Pacific stamps from the island of Fiji typically feature a colourful themed or random selection of mint unhinged or used stamps. Choose from a pair of fine used commemorative stamps or a mixed lot of 168 different stamps to kickstart your collection.

Samoan stamps that are supplied in a sheet of eight are mostly highly decorative and colourful. Popular themed designs include orchids, fruit doves, birds and bats, and funghi. Christmas sets and stamps featuring the British royal family are also popular options.

Popular Pacific stamps from the Cook Island include Christmas themed collections with perforated sheets of various stamps. Decimal stamps featuring the 25th anniversary of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II are also available. Complete sets of fine mint stamps decorated with whales and dolphins or marine life are an alternative collectable option.

Different types of Pacific stamps

Mint never hinged Pacific stamps are mostly supplied in mini sheet sets, unused unmounted stamps include overprints. Mint hinged Pacific stamps are available individually and in collections of assorted designs whilst used Pacific stamps are available individually and in themed or mixed assortments.