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Padded Envelopes

When looking to ship or mail items that are too small or delicate to go in a large, clunky box, padded shipping envelopes are a great option. These envelopes help securely hold small, delicate items or papers without fear of damage during shipping. They come in various sizes, which helps to accommodate whatever you wish to send.

Shipping Envelopes Mailers

Shipping envelope mailers are another form of padded envelopes; however, there are a few that are available without padding. These mailers can come with bubblewrap in the lining of the envelope as well as a fibrous paper padding that is soft and cushioning. Mailers also come in a wide variety of colours to accommodate your mood. They have everything from your basic white and beige envelopes to brightly coloured mailers or even ones to match whatever holiday is approaching. Additionally, these shipping mailers come in several sizes to fit your item. To securely close the envelope, most come with a sticky strip on the envelope flap to close the mailer.

Resealable Padded Envelopes

Some padded envelopes have the option of being resealed. This allows people to use the envelope more than once and mailed back and forth between different sources. This is beneficial for several reasons, in that it not only reduces cost in shipping materials and supplies, but it also reduces the amount of waste that comes from continuous shipping. Padded envelopes with resealable openings are also great to use for storing dry goods such as tea, coffee, grains and seeds as well as many other office or crafts supplies. These envelopes have many different uses, which make them a great staple in any house or business.

Prepaid Padded Envelopes

Often, padded envelopes come prepaid to alleviate any hassle there might be in going to the post office and figuring out postage when it’s time to send a package. Prepaid padded envelopes are quick and easy for users to simply pop whatever they may be shipping into an envelope and drop it in the mail, no further steps necessary. These are a great option to have on hand whenever a situation may arise that you need to ship quickly.