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Home paint & varnish, for when you fancy a change

Whatever you're painting, there's a wide range of colours and finishes when it comes to home paint and varnish. Walls, floorboards or furniture, whether it's one room or the entire house, you'll be able to get the job done in style.

Different types of home paint & varnish

One coat paint is a popular option for home DIYers who are looking to save time. The all-in-one primer and paint provides an even coverage on walls and ceilings.

Spray paint is the easiest application option, best suited for adding touches of paint rather than coating a whole wall. Spray paint that is 250gm fast is supplied in cans, in a wide selection of bright, pastel, and metallic colours. The quick-drying spray enamels are ideal for interior and exterior paintwork, and can also be sprayed on doors, screens, wrought iron gates, and metal surfaces.

Weathershield paint and varnish is specially designed for exterior use. Most paints are supplied in 4L tins with their modern gloss paints being conveniently self-priming.

Chalk home paint is typically used for renovating furniture. The paint is applied to prepped surfaces and rubbed with a soft sanding block once it is dry. The finish is a silky sheen that has an aged appearance.

Multi-use primers provide the ultimate in durability, performance and moisture resistance. Some heavy-duty primers need to be mixed with an activator.

Specialist home paint & varnish

Tile and laminate paint and varnish is a high-performance gloss formulation that is available in a range of colours with no priming required.

Wood home paint is specially designed for touching up wooden features. Water-based clear polyurethane varnishes and stains are suitable for all types of timber, cork flooring, and parquetry. It dries to a hardwearing finish, ensuring that your wooden furniture retains its looks for longer.

Plasti Dip coat rubber home paint and varnish is widely used on ABS plastic, ceramics, leather goods, metal, wood, and glass. It's most often used for adding a touch of flair to car wheel trims, with vinyl sprays also available.