Get rhythmic with Paiste

Paiste is a European manufacturer of high-quality handmade cymbals, gongs, and other percussion instruments. Drumming fanatics can get their fix of crash, ride, and hi-hat while making like Vinnie Colaiuta to create sound and beats that delight your friends and family. If there's a budding drummer in your household who can't stop tapping, why not trawl for some Paiste cymbals here on eBay.

Universal cymbal sets

If you're new to the drum and cymbal world, getting the right sound arrangement can be daunting at first. That's why a starter five-piece set is a good place to start. Paiste cymbals are made from bronze and produce a bright, clean, and full sound. A set of beginner Paiste cymbals includes medium hats, medium crash, and a medium ride, so you get a mid-level set-up. Add this set to a Sonor drum, pick up your drumsticks and you'll become a marvellous drummer in no time.

Formula 402 hi-hat

When you're hankering for a signature Paiste product, nothing says quality better than Formula 402 modern essential hi-hats. These Paiste hi-hats come as a pair and should be part of any drummer's arsenal as they provide a nice additional accent with a high tone sizzle that cuts through other sounds. Paiste Formula 402 hi-hats are endorsed by Vinnie Colaiuta for their rich, warm, and lush sound character. Find just the right timbre and cymbal character for you on eBay.

Dark Dry ride cymbals

If R&B, funk, soul, and pop music is your thing, you'd better add the Paiste Twenty Masters Dark Dry ride to your percussion repertoire. Making a noise is one thing, but finding the right noise and timbre are essential requirements for every drummer when buying a new series of cymbals. The Dark Dry ride has a complex mix, with a dry feel and medium range that makes it ideal for precise and articulate playing.